Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ella's Poems

My Sister’s Top Bunk
By Ella Temple
Nov. 2012

My bed is filled with junk.
My sister has the top bunk.
Her bunk is clean and neat.
It always smells so sweet.
We just came back from the store.
Then we hear the thunder roar.
She says, “It’s time for bed!”
She climbs up the ladder and rests her head.
If I were her,
I’d have the myrrh.
Then I’d drift off to sleep.
And dream of sheep.
But when I see the sun’s ray,
I know I will have a good day.

Heavenly Father’s Creations
By Ella Temple
Dec. 2012

Heavenly Father created trees,
Beaches, cats, dogs, and bees.
He created family and friends,
Cars, houses, and glasses with lens'.
He created food, water, and games.
Hea also created lots and lots of names.
He created electronics and flowers,
Sinks, a fridge, a freezer, and showers.
He created necklaces and rings.
He also created lots and lots more things.

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