Monday, July 15, 2013

A Week in Hawaii

We spent about a week in Hawaii with our awesome friends the Jacksons before heading to the states.  It was a great way to transition from remote island life to modern mainland life.  We were very "fresh off the boat" for a little while, so I'm glad the Jackson's were patient with our strangeness.  
Interesting experiences:  
  • I refused to drive the rental car because of the highways and high speed.  Even Ephraim had trouble keeping up at first.
  • We marveled again and again at the internet speed; you click on something and it loads.  No waiting.  Amazing!
  • We stared at the tall buildings in Honolulu and even snapped a few pictures.  Like we're really gonna look at those pictures again.
  • We had to borrow some car seats and booster seats, cause apparently you can't just put your kid in the back of the truck.
  • We noticed that people were mostly pretty skinny, small, and healthy compared with what were were used to.
  • We felt very comfortable in Hauula since it seems similar to Samoa in some ways.
  • When I drove from Hauula to Laie, I don't know if I even reached the speed limit, but I felt zero pressure to speed up.  And the line of cars behind me just had to be patient.
  • There were a lot of radio stations.
  • We could eat anything we wanted.  Think of something to eat, you can just go and get it!
  • We watched mail being delivered to the mailbox.  Granted the 'mail truck' was some lady's car being very skillfully driven from the passengers side, but there was a mailbox at the house that gave and received mail daily.
  • I got teary-eyed in Longs looking at all the selection.  Some people are so blessed!  Do we need that many choices, really?
  • We couldn't get enough of the fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Our kids had no problem reading Hawaiian names.  For example, Isaac read, "The Like-Like highway?!  That's funny." Then Ephraim said, "Read it like Samoan." So Isaac read, "Li-ke-li-ke."

You might notice that these pictures show us basically doing two things--going to the beach and eating -- which frankly are the two best things do to in the whole world.  Plus we were with awesome people.  So we had an amazing time.

Beach trip to Kawela Bay

So 'ono' that Ono Yo!

Sunday stroll on at the Temple

The small dot that represents Tutuila

Visit with Auntie Lauren, a fellow American Samoan

Shave Ice ... Mmm

Waimea Bay

Date Night Dim Sum

Cruising in Hauula

Lunch at Tokkuri-Tei on Kapahulu

Off to the Airport


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Hawaii is so great. Good luck with this new phase of your life. I'm sure you guys will have fun anywhere.

Arron said...

Ah man, this post makes me homesick. Not that we have it all that bad here in Australia, but there's still some things that aren't the same. Been donkey's years since I've been back in Hawaii, and I didn't grow up there... but so many good memories. Glad you guys are having a good time.