Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Fun with Grandpa & Grandpa

Mom and I have been doing a lot together:  grocery shopping, running errands, etc.  I had an appointment at the medical center (a.k.a. hospital) so I wanted to show mom around our facilities.  We stopped and had lunch at the cafeteria.  (Mom's chili had pineapples in it.  That was a first for me.)

We took mom and dad on the hike to the cannons at Blunt's Point.

 Looking east

 Looking west

A quick dip at Fatumafuti helped cool us down from our hike.

Some local kids were there, and they brought us this cute, squishy sea creature.

Mom and Dad babysat so Ephraim and I could go out for our 11th anniversary.  The kids enjoyed playing Doodle Dice (thanks Marcie!)

Happy 11th anniversary!


Jocelyn said...

Happy anniversary! I love your hair like that.

merathon said...

girl, you are lookin so hot with that new haircut! and i love your parents too. so fun for them to be out there over Christmas!